About the Author: My Views in Short

Welcome to Fish Can Talk!

This post is an extremely broad summary of my political and social thoughts and is not intended to be a comprehensive explanation of how I view the universe. Do not take the words here as law. They will serve to summarize a number of my views on a number of social issues. Some of my thoughts, as listed here, may appear  inconsiderate, nonsensical, or downright rude; if you are in any way offended or confused by one of my views, please read the full explanation (which will be linked next to each point as I write them). I promise, I have reasons for everything listed here.

As I have more brief thoughts on less brief subjects, I will edit this post. Similarly, as I write longer explanations of the thoughts here, I will edit in the links. In short, check this post regularly for updates.

Thank you, and enjoy.

But first, an introduction to me…

In order for you to fully understand my views, you must understand the perspective from which they come. Thus, here’s a bit about me before we begin.

I live in America. I am a relatively young, white male. I am bisexual and at this time closeted, and so I consider myself to have the minimal license to be able to freely and loudly complain about “social justice warriors.” I am also a Christian.

What drives me in all that I do is the ocean (as shown by the name of the blog), and I intend to protect it in any way that I can–something desperately needed in this day and age.

And now, my thoughts on the world.

Social issues and my thoughts on them

Personal Rights

  • What should the consequences be for burning the American flag?
    • None. This is disrespectful but shouldn’t be illegal.
  • Should you be allowed to display a Confederate flag?
    • Yes, as stupid as you’ll look.
  • Should businesses have the right to refuse customers due to personal or religious reasons (e.g. refusing a gay customer for religious reasons)?
    • Yes.
  • Should abortion be legalized?
    • Yes, though there should be a cap (such as not allowed after first trimester).

Environmental Issues, Animal Rights, and Health

  • Should fish be wild-caught or farmed?
    • Farmed in sustainable ways.
  • Should animals be usable in experiments (even if it means death) for the sake of progressing human research?
    • Yes, provided the research is humane.
  • What are your thoughts on vegans?
    • Not everyone should be one, as good as it can be for the environment, and those are them should not try to convert everyone to them or act high and mighty about it.

Racial Issues

  • Should affirmative action exist?
  • Can black people be racist?
    • Yes.
  • Does cultural appropriation exist and how should it be dealt with?
    • It can exist, but nine out of ten “cultural appropriation” incidents today are overreactions (such as to dreadlocks, hoop earrings, etc.) to people simply sharing cultures and should be dealt with via honest discussion, not public call-outs.

LGBT and Gender Issues

  • Do you support gay marriage?
    • Yes.
  • Which bathrooms should transgender/non-cisgender people use?
    • I do not currently have enough information for a solid opinion. This is a case by case basis.
  • Do you support the use of alternative/gender-neutral pronouns?

Other Issues of the Modern Day

  • What are your thoughts on safe spaces and trigger warnings?
    • People should feel safe and in an accepted environment, but at the extent these exist in modern day, safe spaces are not a good thing. Trigger warnings should not exist, period.
  • Should women receive equal pay to men?
  • Do you support feminism?
    • The good honest sort? Yes. The sort that simply acts by hating men and complaining loudly? No.
  • Is it fat-shaming to be proud of losing weight or to openly advocate for general overweight people to try to slim down?
    • No. It is not fat-shaming to think that people should be healthy.
  • Should gun laws be more restrictive?
    • Absolutely. People should still be able to own guns, but they must be regulated much more strictly and thoroughly.